Capital Living and Rehabilitation Centres (CLRC) is comprised of seven facilities with 779 beds covering seven counties throughout New York State.  The original Schenectady facility was built in 1927 as an isolation hospital serving the people of Schenectady.  In the early 1960’s the city council decided to close the hospital and sell the property.  The property was sold in 1962 and licensed to New York State as a 36-bed nursing home.  26 additional beds were added in 1964, 82 beds were added in 1968 and in April 1975, the final eighty beds were constructed.  The Company was poised to expand and in January 1969, ownership built and opened an 80-bed nursing facility in Troy.  The following year a new 80-bed facility was built in Glens Falls.

In 1978, the original three facilities were purchased by James Durante and Joseph Nichols and became Hallmark Nursing Centre. The new owners were long-term care industry leaders evident by their commitment to quality of care and their involvement in health care organizations. They both served as the President of NYSHFA. Mr. Durante also served as the President of the American Health Care Association and a member of the New York State Hospital Review and Planning Council eventually rising to the level of Chairman of this group.  Recognizing the importance and the need for quality long-term care services throughout New York State the new owners then purchased facilities in Minoa in 1983, Granville in 1989, Carthage in 1990, Rotterdam in 1991 and New Paltz in 2000.  The Glens Falls facility added 40 additional beds in 1991 for a total of 120 beds.

In 2003, Capital Living and Rehabilitation Centres took ownership.  The progressive new owners developed a senior management team to work in conjunction with the facilities and provide support with all of their experience and diverse knowledge of a strong management team.  CLRC facilities utilize a team-approach and personalize each care plan to be compassionate and responsive to the individual needs of each patient / resident.  Our staff members are knowledgeable of the aging process, chronic diseases as well as the medical and nursing needs of our population.  Our nursing homes are well respected in their communities.

We are committed to exceeding expectations.  CLRC emphasizes the concept of best practice throughout our facilities being recognized for a number of award winning programs. To accomplish best practice we have developed specialty programs such as Nursing Rehab, falls prevention and a variety of therapy programs. CLRC is also dedicated to the Advancing Excellence program in nursing homes supported by the American Health Care Association, receiving a number of national recognitions.  We look forward to continuing the tradition of caring, compassion and commitment to our residents and the communities we serve.