Our goal is to provide each resident we serve with an individualized approach to nutrition care and food service resulting in optimal quality of life. Please enjoy reading a summary of our services below.

Medical Nutrition Therapy

Malnutrition, dehydration, wounds and chronic illnesses such as Diabetes and heart, lung and kidney disease are common among those of advanced age and debility. Our Registered Dietitians and Diet Technicians are specially trained nutrition professionals who provide disease-specific nutrition assessment and therapy.  Our holistic approach to nutrition care offers a plan to provide the best of what, where and how each individual resident receives nourishment to optimize his or her mental, emotional and physical health.

The “Team”

Our nutrition care team is not limited to the nutrition professional. The team includes the resident, family members, therapies, medical and mental health staff. Our nutrition professionals work closely with our Speech and Language Pathologists to assure the highest level and appropriate diet textures are provided. Occupational Therapists identify adaptive feeding equipment needs to optimize resident self-feeding skills and alert staff when feeding assistance is required. Medical and Nutrition staff work closely together in assessing and treating lab values, weight changes and acute and chronic clinical conditions.


Our nutrition professionals provide quality nutrition education for staff, residents and family alike. We offer staff education sessions including diet and disease, wound management, hydration, dysphagia and food safety and sanitation. Residents and family members are provided with individualized diet education and counseling as appropriate during their stay in our facilities or prior to discharge and may contact our nutrition professionals after discharge as needed.

Food Service and Dining

Our residents may choose a fine dining experience in our comfortable dining rooms or may choose to dine in a smaller group setting such as rehab dining or private dining in their rooms or quiet sitting areas.  Several of our facilities offer buffet or family-style dining to optimize appetite and aromas throughout the dining areas.


Our seasonal menu offers foods influenced by resident and family suggestions and our overall goal of providing nutritionally beneficial and tasty foods for our residents. We strive to offer A Heart Healthy menu including an emphasis on whole grains, unprocessed meats and fresh fruits and vegetables.