Capital Living and Rehabilitation Centres (CLRC) offers comprehensive inpatient rehabilitation services for short-term and long-term residents. Our Rehabilitation Departments consist of Physical Therapy (PT), Occupational Therapy (OT) and Speech Therapy (ST). The therapy team is experienced in treating a wide variety of diagnosis including CVA, Total Hip/Knee Replacement, hip fracture, COPD, amputations and those patients/residents that have experienced a general decline in physical functioning. A personalized plan of care is developed for each patient’s medical, physical and psycho-social needs while promoting independence. The goal of the rehabilitation department is to improve the resident’s quality of life by enabling him or her to achieve their highest functional level in ambulation, transfer, bed mobility, self-feeding, communication, dressing, bathing and toileting.

CLRC therapists work in conjunction with the Interdisciplinary team to offer a cohesive treatment plan that assists patients in reaching their maximum potential and optimizing their quality of life. At Capital Living and Rehabilitation Centres, the patient/resident is the most valued member of the team and we convey that to them through our caring, compassion and committment. Resident, family and caregiver education is a cornerstone of our successful long-term outcomes. We also provide home evaluations to assess the resident’s home environment for function and safety.

Our Rehab programs provide the structure, support and encouragement to allow residents to progress at their own pace. For those residents who are able to return home, discharge planning begins upon admission. Mobility, self care, equipment needs, self medication, nutrition and many other discharge concerns are addressed by the team prior to the resident going home.